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GeoAze3 is available in two versions: Standard and Pro, the differences between which are explained below. The price for each version depends on whether the game is being bought for a school/organization, an individual for private/home use, or a student.


Private/Home Use
GeoAze3 Standard
EUR 49
EUR 29
EUR 14
GeoAze3 Pro
EUR 99
EUR 49
EUR 29


The prices listed here are for a version of GeoAze which runs on either a Microsoft Windows or Apple MacOsX computer. If you would like to use the game on both platforms please add 50% to the selected price.

Post and Packaging: If you wish to be sent a copy of the software on cd by post, this will incur an extra charge for post and packaging. Currently this is EUR 5 for addresses in Europe and EUR 10 for the rest of the world. You can avoid this charge by electing to download the software from our website.


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GeoAze3 Standard
This is the standard version of GeoAze with lots of new features such as dynamic language switching, resizable map buttons, a new Style Engine, stunning new graphics and maps based on satellite imagery, and Player Management, and much more. The geographical content of GeoAze now encompasses all of the world. Also unlike many other software products, GeoAze is still flexible, powerful and lean enough, to allow you to play it on any practically any computer, no matter how old or new (any Ms Operating system Win95 or newer, MacOsX 10.2 or newer, or Linux, with spartan requirements on hardware). No compromise, state of the art software that lets you decide what computer to play it on.

GeoAze3 Pro
This is the deluxe version of GeoAze that most schools and serious students of geography will want to buy. It comes with all the features of GeoAze Standard plus many more advanced features such as the powerful Level Editor which allows the teacher/player to decide exactly which questions get asked and when, 50% more geographical content (Hard/Expert Levels), Printable Worksheets, and a school/network license which allows it to be used on all computers in a single school.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us